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The TESTRANO 600 BY OMICRON is a three-phase test system for comprehensive power and distribution transformer testing

Power Transformers are at the centre of Electrical Distribution and are therefore critical to the essential continuous supply to the National Grid. To enable long term reliability of this equipment a strategy of condition and time based asset testing should be carried out. Omicron have developed the TESTRANO 600 to carry out this important task.


The Omicron TESTRANO 600 is the world’s first portable, three-phase test system which supports all common electrical tests on single- and three-phase power and distribution TRANFORMERS. 


Compared to conventional single-phase test sets the three-phase capabilities of TESTRANO 600 offer several advantages, such as single set up for various tests, cutting test and equipment down time to a minimum.

The Omicron TESTRANO 600 is connected to the high-voltage and low voltage side of the transformer by using specially designed multi-purpose cables. The cables, which support a 4-wire (Kelvin) connection, only have to be connected once at the transformer’s terminals. Then all test outputs and measurement inputs are automatically controlled .


The tests performed by the OMICRON TESTRANO 600

Transformer Turns Ratio testing with the additional CP TD12 and MCA1

Detect open circuit conditions and shorted turns

Demagnetisation of the core 

Demagnetization of the core is recommended after DC has been applied

DC Winding Resistance Test

Detecting resistance winding problems 

Short-Circuit Impedance

Detect deformation and displacement of windings

Frequency Response of Stray Losses (FRSL)

Identifies short-circuits and current overheating and local overheating



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