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Fluke 1730 Single and Three Phase Energy Logger

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The Fluke 1730 Single and Three Phase Energy Logger is designed to help you monitor energy usage throughout your facility.

Be it individual areas or the whole establishment. The Fluke 1730 is versatile and can profile potential energy saving  opportunities by supplying the data on energy consumption at time intervals to suit each application


The Fluke 1730 measures voltage, current, power, power factor and associated values enabling the user to implement energy saving strategies. With its bright, colour touch screen you can perform convenient in-the-field analysis and data checks with a full graphical display.


All measured values are automatically logged and can be reviewed during logging and before downloading for on the go analysis. And more than 20 separate logging sessions can be stored on the instrument.


The Optimized user interface: quick, guided, graphical setup ensures you’re capturing the right data every time, and the intelligent verification function indicates correct connections


Energy logging is now within your reach. With the Fluke 1730 Energy Logger you can discover where you’re wasting energy, optimize your facility’s energy use and reduce your bill.


The Fluke 1730 Energy Logger can be powered directly from the measured circuit eliminating the need to find a power outlet while allowing the instrument to be secured safely inside electrical panels.


The Fluke 1730 Energy Logger has the highest safety rating in the industry at 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rating The 1730 has a battery back-up facility of up to 4 hours should the main electrical supply be interrupted, all the logger comes with the new Fluke Energy Analyse application software so you can download, analyse and get automated reporting for a complete picture of energy saving potential.