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Metrohm E3640 Flash Tester

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The Metrohm E3640 digital flash tester is a portable mains operated instrument, capable of operating from either 115V or 230V supply at 50/60 Hz in a similar way to the Megger FT4


It can test Electrical equipment such as components, printed circuit boards and general electrical machinery. And applies to 4kV AC and displays output voltage and leakage current on the twin 3½ digit LCD’s. Making it ideal for testing Class 1 and Class 2 equipment


The requirement for an applied voltage test is necessary on all types of electrical and electronic equipment, particularly to such standards as BS EN 50636 and others to ensure the electrical integrity of the equipment by testing the dielectric strength


The Metrohm E3640 has three modes:


  • Breakdown Mode - Fast transients can trigger the trip
  • Burn mode- where the trip function is bypassed and the fault current flows continuously to expose the fault
  • Hold – Which shows the breakdown voltage and leakage current.
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