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Baur Frida 34KV VLF Tester

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The Baur FRIDA VLF Tester diagnostics device can measure dielectric losses and test the cable route for partial discharges during the VLF cable testing (TD & PD equipment may be needed for some tests).

The Baur FRIDA VLF Tester uses truesinus® - A voltage shape for all methods and method combinations

VLF truesinus® is the only voltage shape that enables both the reliable voltage tests as well as precise dissipation factor and partial discharge measurements. Unlike other voltage shapes, the VLF truesinus® voltage is load-independent, symmetrical and continuous. This is a prerequisite for high precision as well as reproducibility and comparability of measurement results.


The Baur FRIDA can be used for testing medium-voltage cables and electrical equipment (generators, transformers and switchgear). For cable sheath testing, for cable diagnostics (frida TD): Dissipation factor measurement and Monitored Withstand Test with tan δ


The FRIDA VLF Tester makes it possible to locate insulation faults in plastic- and paper-in­sulated mass-impregnated cables in the shortest of testing times without impairing the quality of the surrounding insulating material.

The dissipation factor diagnostics with 0.1 Hz VLF truesinus® provides differentiat­ed information on the ageing condition of paper-insulated mass-impregnated and PE/XLPE cables. In the case of PE/XLPE cables, the dissipation factor measurement is capable of differentiating between new, slightly or severely “water tree”-damaged cables. This makes it possible to prioritise the need to replace cables.

  • Testing and diagnostics on long cable routes by load-dependent frequency selection (0.01 – 0.1 Hz)
  • Max. test voltage 24 kVrms / 34 kVpeak Voltage shapes: VLF truesinus®, VLF square wave voltage and DC voltage
  • VLF truesinus® test technology enables load-independent, reproducible sinusoidal high voltage

Cable testing according to: DIN VDE 0276-620/621 (CENELEC HD 620/621), IEEE 400-2012, IEEE 400.2-2013, IEC 60060-3 Cable sheath testing according to IEC 60502/ IEC 60229 Voltage withstand test on electrical equipment according to IEEE 433