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Kane 458 Combustion Analyser

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The Kane 458 Combustion Analyser is a flue gas analyser designed for service engineers.

Enabling them to check the Boiler combustion performance, efficiency and safety checks. It measures carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and differential temperature and pressure. The Kane 458 Combustion Gas Analyser can be used on a range of boiler fuel types, including Natural Gas, Butane, Propane, Wood pellets, 28 sec and 35 sec Oil


The direct measurement of CO2 is achieved using a Kane designed infra-red sensing system. CO2 is set to zero in fresh air automatically after the initial countdown. The Kane 458 also features a dilution protection pump which helps protect the CO sensor from saturation in high concentration situations which may otherwise damage the sensor beyond repair


As well as flue gases, the Kane 458 Combustion Analyser can also measure CO levels in ambient air - useful when a CO Alarm is triggered. It can also perform a Room CO Test for up to 30 minutes duration.


The flue gas analyser has a protective rubber cover with a magnet for “hands–free” operation, and is supplied with a flue probe with integral temperature sensor. The large display shows 4 readings at a time and all data can be printed via an optional infrared printer. The printed data can be 'live' data or ‘stored’ data. If “RESET GAS ZERO” is indicated ensure that the unit is in fresh air before pressing the button with an “Enter” symbol.


The Kane 458 Combustion Gas Analyser calculates oxygen (O2), CO/CO2 ratio, losses, combustion efficiency (Nett, Gross or Condensing) & excess air.

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