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The Bicotest T272 high resistance cable fault locator has been designed to meet the requirements of engineers in locating cable faults in the resistance range from zero to 200 megohms. Faults can be between two conductors, or between a conductor and its metallic sheath, concentric neutral or earth.

Ten turn Vernier balancing control is provided which indicates the fault position as a percentage of the total loop length. If both ends of the faulty conductor are not accessible at the test end then a good conductor of the same cross-sectional area is required. If the good conductor is of a different size then a conversion factor may be used to calculate an equivalent loop length.

Alternatively, a pair of conductors from an auxiliary cable may be used or, if the cable length is not too great, an overland lead can be run out to enable the bridge test to be carried out. With this bridge arrangement, faults having resistances up to 200 megohms in dielectrics such as rubber and polyethylene can be located with an accuracy well within -0.5% of the loop length and typically 0.1%, although this may be limited by the non-uniformity of the conductor.