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The T625 is Bicotest's most advanced TDR cable tester. With a range of 0 to 20 kilometres it out-performs any other TDR. Suitable for any type of metallic cable, including AC live in conjunction with a T600 AC blocking filter Superb long distance and short range faultfinding capability is achieved with a 20 V output signal, with pulse width automatically adjusted to suit the selected range. Accurate to 0.5 metres in short range mode. Dynamic range exceeds anything similar.

Fault identification is crystal clear - even at the 20 kilometre limit of its operating range. Large, uncluttered full-screen trace display for clarity. Eight test modes give fast fault location whether testing a single pair or comparing two pairs, one pair against any of the twelve memories, or crosstalk between two pairs. The Radiodetection Bicotest T625 can measure in metres, feet or time. PC compatibility, via X600 Traceability Software System, ensures waveforms can be analysed, stored and reloaded to the TDR for on-site, dynamic comparison of the waveforms.


  • Widest range in a hand-portable cable fault locator - from 24 metres to 20 kilometres,
  • Easy to operate,
  • Suitable for any type of metallic cable, including live AC in conjunction with a T600 blocking filter,
  • Large, clear waveform display of full trace for accurate diagnosis,
  • All faults clearly identified - from open circuits to wet joints,
  • Zoom for detailed examination,
  • 12 memories for on-site waveform storage and comparison,
  • Measures metres, feet or time,
  • Auto programming for fast configuration,
  • Full PC compatibility for in-depth fault analysis,
  • 8 test modes for fast fault location,
  • Dual input enables pair comparison and crosstalk location,
  • Comprehensive training and support services.