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Bicotest T631 is the ultimate hand-portable cable-test tool for cable, television and telecoms industries. At 3 metres it combines the shortest distance with a highly practical 12 kilometre long range. Automatic fault-finding is a simple touch-button operation enhanced by high resolution display. Faults and high reflective features are evaluated by a unique Return Loss Measurement function. This also provides a useful test method for contractors to demonstrate that connectors, taps and other cable work meets International Standards.

A total of thirteen operating ranges with zoom facility includes very short pulse widths to identify cable features that are close together or nearby. These can be measured using the twin cursors. Genuine 2ns sine-squared pulse gives ultimate fault resolution. Pulse widths can be selected automatically for ease of fault location, or may be selected manually for uniform Return Loss Measurement. PC compatibility ensures waveforms can be analysed, stored and re-loaded for on-site, dynamic comparison of the waveforms when testing coaxial, CATV, CCTV data cable systems and LV Mains Cables. Dedicated function keys, help menu and clear display make the T631 easy to use. Dedicated mains blocking filter accessory gives high resolution fault location on LV mains cables.


  • Purpose designed for CATV, CCTV and coaxial cable,
  • 15 memories for on-site waveform comparison and storage,
  • Suitable for any type of metallic cable, including live AC in conjunction with a T631F blocking filter,
  • Genuine 2ns sine-squared pluse and short pulse widths give unrivalled definition,
  • Single touch-button automatic fault location or feature measurement,
  • All faults clearly identified - from open circuits to wet joints,
  • Unique Return Loss Measurement,
  • Use of T631F mains blocking filter gives safe, high resolution, fault location on LV mains networks,
  • Full PC compatibility for in-depth fault analysis,
  • Measures metres, feet or time,
  • Easy to operate,
  • Large, clear waveform display of full trace for accurate diagnosis,
  • Comprehensive training and support services.