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The ACVOKE Cable Spiker is a high quality durable safety tool used worldwide. Developed for the electrical industry. It is a safe and definitive way of ensuring cables are safe to remove by proving once and for all that a cable is no longer "live".

The ACVOKE Cable Spiker was developed in 1952 in cooperation with the Central Electricity Generating Board. The ACVOKE Cable Spiker is a cartridge powered tool which when fired drives a steel spike through high voltage electricity cables short circuiting the power and making the cable dead and therefore safe to work on


  • A simple and effective solution to the problem blade withdrawal when spiking polymetric cables,
  • Easy blade withdrawal from polymeric cable,
  • Reduces operator fatigure,
  • Protects tool from unnecessary damage during removal,
  • Easy low cost modification to existing tool by manufacturer,
  • Fits standard tool (not available for Heavy Duty model).