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OMICRON CMC 256 (25A) Three Phase Test Set - inc Laptop

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Unique test sets from the technology leader OMICRON. commitment to innovation is evident in the outstanding features and the absolute quality of its test sets. Making use of leading edge technology in both development and quality assurance, OMICRON has set new standards for advanced three-phase testing equipment in terms of flexibility, accuracy, portability and reliability.

OMICRON CMC 256 PC-controlled test sets generate the test signals digitally (DSP technology), resulting in highly accurate testing signals even at small amplitudes. The electronic design of the internal amplifiers and the use of switch-mode power supply units ensure a minimum of weight and volume is achieved. Independent channels with low-level signals are available at the back of the test sets, which can be used to control external amplifiers for applications requiring more signal channels or higher currents, voltages or power. The low-level signals can also be used for test objects which have a low-level input facility.

All generators are continuously and independently adjustable in amplitude, phase and frequency. No switching of ranges is necessary. All current and voltage outputs are fully overload and short-circuit proof and are protected against external high-voltage transient signals and over temperature.

Every device is developed according to international IEC standards and verified by independent certification bodies including UL and TUV.


  • Input voltage: 110 ... 240 Vac, 1-phase,
  • 4 x 300 V outputs,
  • 6 x 12.5 A / 3 x 25 A outputs,
  • 6 x low level outputs (rear side),
  • 2 x counter inputs (rear side),
  • dc supply (0 ... 264 V),
  • 4 x binary outputs,
  • dc measuring inputs,
  • 10 x binary inputs /,
  • Analog measurement inputs (with EnerLyzer option),
  • Laptop available if required.