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OMICRON CPC100 Primary Test System

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This world-wide unique system allows for automated testing of power transformers, CTs, VTs, resistance testing, and more. Providing up to 800 A (or 2000 A with current booster) and 2000 V with a frequency range of 10-400 Hz, it also comes complete with an integrated PC.


Its software routines test a wide range of substation equipment, and automatically create customizable reports. The compact design (29 kg / 64 lbs) and the innovative software save testing time and minimize transportation costs.
Analog voltages and currents can be measured with very high precision. 

Testing of unconventional equipment, such as Rogowski Coils or current sensors completes the spectrum. Additional applications can be added with the use of flexible accessories to include tangent delta / power factor testing and primary measurements of power system equipment.


  • Emergency shut off button,
  • Safety key lock (block unauthorized use),
  • Overvoltage protection on all inputs and outputs,
  • 29 kg / 64 lbs,
  • Less than one fourth the weight of equivalent conventional equipment,
  • Lower transportation costs saves money,
  • Easier handling reduces manpower needs,
  • Low weight reduces injury potential.